The Key of Success

We are Fintech Startup,
Helping small and medium scale businesses, organizations and people to achieve their financial goals in business with our products and services.

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Our Features


Works with efficiency and accuracy for better output.


Always share quality of work to make strong bondings.


Provides complete security to your product.


Focuses on skills and knowledge development to increase stability.


Focuses on skills and resources & works responsibly.

Customer Satisfaction

Deliever bug free product to keep customer satisfied. Provides customer support.

How Do We Work


Defining the flow & breaking down into easy managable parts. Set all in order to develop the project.


Identifying goals, defining key performance parameters & creating regular variance reports to track progress.


Generating sustainable ideas for project development & create an action plan for successful realization of those ideas.


It's a phase where visions and plans become reality. Writting code using various programming tools & languages.

Quality Assurance

Evaluating project modules to detect differences between given input and expected output. It assesses the quality of the product.


Tracking your progress toward milestones and goals. Keeping things on track through clear and continuous communication.

Case Study


Centralized Banking system for co-operative banks. Spacemark is a Co-operative Centralized Banking system (CBS), helps manage daily money collections of customers, and maintains the passbooks, where daily up to 1000 agents are collecting the money from our built mobile application. The application has done transactions over 50cr INR on the platform.

Captis eLearning

An E-learning and training platform for organizations and LOBs (line of businesses). We are building an e-learning platform for our client CyberNX, which deals in Cyber and cloud security. is providing Employee Training, Campaigns, and e-learning platform in the form of videos quizzes and pdf docs.

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